Lesson 3 School Uniforms

(Part 1)
What do you wear when you go to school every day? Most of you will probably say, “My school uniform.” Actually, most Japanese high schools and junior high schools have school uniforms. According to a survey, more than 95 % of people wore school uniforms during their school days.
Did you check the school uniform when you decided on your high school? Another survey says half of students did. School uniforms can be important when students choose schools.
A third survey asked third-year high school students, “Are you now happy that your school has a uniform?” As many as 94% said, “Yes.” Most students have favorable feelings for the uniforms which they have worn for three years.

(Part 2)
Do you think schools overseas have school uniforms? Many of them do.
What are uniforms like in other countries? The uniforms in South Korea and Taiwan are quite similar to those in Japan. The uniforms in Australia and the UK also look much like ours. Many students wear jackets and ties.
In contrast, the uniforms in Vietnam and Bhutan look quite different from ours. The uniform which Vietnamese girls wear, for example, is based on the traditional costume called an “ao dai.” Similarly, in Bhutan, school uniforms are based on their costumes.
How about the uniforms in Malaysia? Different girls wear different kinds of uniforms. Some girls show their skin, but others do not. This may be because of different religious backgrounds.

(Part 3)
How many schools in other countries have uniforms? A survey was carried out in six countries: Japan, the US, the UK, Australia, South Korea, and China. The survey asked the high school students, “Does your school have a uniform?” In most countries, there were more students who answered “yes” than “no.” Surprisingly, three out of six countries had a higher percentage than Japan. Especially in South Korea, as many as 97 % of students answered that their schools have a uniform. That is quite a high percentage.
On the other hand, a very low percentage of the US students answered “yes,” compared with the other countries. This may be because people in the US respect individuality and freedom. They want to choose what they wear on their own. However, the number of schools which adopt uniforms is increasing these days, especially in city areas.

(Part 4)
Are you for or against school uniforms? The same survey asked the students why they are for or against school uniforms. Here are some reasons in favor of school uniforms. First, uniforms can prevent bullying related to the clothes which students wear. Second, uniforms can increase their sense of belonging to their school. Third, uniforms can indicate their social status as students. Fourth, uniforms can put students into the mode of studying. There were also some unique answers such as “because I can practice how to tie a tie.”
What are the reasons against school uniforms? Some students insist that they cannot show their originality when they wear a uniform. Others worry that their uniforms may limit their freedom. Still others say they do not want to feel formal at school. Some think that uniforms can be worn only at schools, not at other places.
How about you? What is your opinion?




Lesson 3 学校の制服

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