Chapter 10



Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is 3776 meters high.

  1. Tofu, originally one of the main foods of Buddhist priests, is now considered to be one of the healthiest foods.
  2. The planet Venus, often called the evening star or the morning star, is most noticeable when it shines brightly near the moon.



In the thick forest was hidden a big old castle.

  1. In the center of the university campus stands a statue of the founder.
  2. Deep below the ground in California and Wyoming are two huge but silent volcanoes.


Robots are still far from being the chatty companions seen in science-fiction movies.  But some toy robots are becoming more than just sophisticated machines.  One recent trial product, though only 17 centimeters tall, has as many as 17 motors to move its limbs, making it surprisingly flexible.  According to James Kuffner, a professor of robotics, a robot could imitate most human movements if it had twenty or more motors.  It is no accident that such a robot has a humanoid shape.  “A human shape has an appeal,” he says.  “A dishwasher will only wash dishes, but a humanoid robot can do more.”  Among the things that robots can do is having a fight.  Professor Kuffner says that in Japan and South Korea, the centers of the toy robot industry, people often have toy robot battles.

By 2026, he estimates, consumer robots should be able to perform many tasks of daily life that people find hazardous or unpleasant.  A leading company in robot design and research has the prospect that a robot the size of a typical twelve-year-old will be able to do most household tasks.  The obstacles to building a robot of that size have to do with weight and cost.  As robots get larger, they need more gears to move, making them heavier and more expensive.

Robots may also start to look more human, adding facial features and delicate hands, but that poses a psychological problem -- the odd impression that robots make on people if they look too human.  Indeed, if you come closer to something human that actually is not a human, it can be frightening.   However, Professor Kuffner says that there is nothing to fear.  If a robot comes to be a menace, “we can just take out the batteries,” he says.







KEY19 基本例文:日本一高い山である富士山は,高さが3,776メートルだ。

KEY20 基本例文:密林の中に大きな古城が隠れて(←隠されて)いた。

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