Chapter 14



She went to New York, hoping to see some of the best musicals in the world.

  1. Drought has struck various parts of the world in the past, causing frequent famines.
  2. Leaving early in the morning and not returning till late at night, he seldom sees his neighbors.



She listened to the story, tears running down her cheeks.

  1. The ticket costs 5,000 yen, consumption tax included.
  2. There being no taxi available, I walked all the way home.


My husband's dog amazed us all one hot day this past summer after my husband bought himself an ice-cream cone.  As my husband took the first taste, he noticed that his dog was watching.  So he offered the cone, expecting the dog to gobble it.  But to everyone's astonishment, the dog politely licked a little ice cream just as my husband had done.  My husband then licked a little more, and again offered it to the dog, who also licked a little more.  In this way, taking turns, they ate the ice cream down to the cone.  Then my husband took a bite.  The dog watched him.  Assuming that the dog would swallow the rest of the cone, my husband passed it on for what he thought would be the last time.  But drawing back his lips to expose his little teeth, the dog took a very small bite.  Twice more my husband and the dog took turns biting the cone, until only the tip remained.

Astounding?  Not really.  For eight years, my husband and this dog have built a relationship of trust and mutual obligation, neither making unreasonable demands on the other or looking down on the other, or trying to subordinate the other, but each doing exactly what he wants, usually in the other's company.  Only in such a setting, only when both participants consider themselves equals, could this scene have taken place.  Only a dog who thought for himself, a dog who depended on his own observations and imagination for guidance, would ever come to understand the very human method of taking alternate bites as a form of sharing.

Who ate the tip of the cone?  My husband ate it.  The dog let him have the last turn.




KEY27 基本例文:彼女は世界一のミュージカルをいくつか見たいと思ってニューヨークに行った。

KEY28 基本例文:彼女はほおに涙を流してその話を聞いた。

全 訳
だれがコーンの先端を食べたかって? 夫が食べた。犬は最後の番を夫にとらせてくれたのだ。